The Price Of Awnings

When it's a beautiful day outside, you want nothing more than to head to your patio for some relaxation. However, after only an hour or so, the sun's heat becomes so unbearable that what could have been a perfect day outside has you instead headed back indoors. If you want to avoid this scenario and start enjoying your patio as you should, consider installing a retractable awning from Rollac. Along with lowering the temperature on your patio by as much as 20 degrees on the hottest day, you'll also be able to better protect your outdoor furniture from fading due to the sun's unrelenting rays. Best of all, your retractable awning will give you the luxurious feeling you need and deserve. However, with various options from which to choose, you'll need more information about retractable awning prices and awning installation costs before you make your decision.

Drop-Arm and Lateral-Arm Awnings

While you may think awnings are only for your patio, that's not true. In fact, you can purchase drop-arm awnings for installation on doors and windows, while lateral-arm awnings are for patios and decks. Also, remember that most drop-arm awnings for use with doors and windows offer manual or motorized operation, which lets you easily adjust the level of shade for a certain area. Thus, if you have parts of your home or business that need more shade than others, you can adjust accordingly. As for lateral-arm awnings, most of these offer motorized operation due to being larger and covering a bigger area.

Average Cost of Awnings

When you are considering the price of awnings, keep several things in mind. First is of course whether you want awnings that are motorized or manually-operated. Motorized awnings feature remote controls and other high-tech operations, typically making them more of an investment compared to manually-operated awnings. In most cases, if you want a manual, drop-arm retractable awning installed at your home or business, expect to pay in the neighborhood of $750 to as much as $2500 for the job. As for a manual, lateral-arm retractable awning for patios and decks, costs can range between $2000-$5000.

Maintenance Requirements and Costs

When selecting the type of awning you need, also take into consideration the type of fabric used in the awning and how this will translate into maintenance requirements and costs in the years ahead. When purchasing Rollac awnings, customers can select from hundreds of fabric styles that give each awning its own distinctive look and design. Fortunately, this adds practically no additional costs or maintenance needs to your awning. In fact, using only a little bit of soap and water now and then will keep the dirt away and have your awning looking its best year-round regardless of the style you select.

Turning Manual into Motorized

If you have been looking over manual retractable awning prices while adding more and more data into your awning cost calculator, you may start to think you could save money by purchasing a manual retractable awning and later convert it yourself into one that is motorized. However, this is not a good idea. Should you give this a try, you will end up paying much more in additional labor and parts to convert your manual retractable awning to motorized than you would if you installed motorized retractable awnings from the beginning. Since motorized retractable awnings and those that are stationary are constructed differently, make sure you know exactly the type of awning you want before making your purchase.

Professional Installation

Whether it's retractable shading, compact shading for tight spaces, or window shading for a home or business, it's usually best to have professionals install these awnings, especially if they offer motorized capability. In doing so, you'll have the peace of mind knowing they fit your building properly and are operating correctly.

Whether you want to add shade and sophistication to your deck or patio, have windows on your commercial property that have special designs and require unique awnings, or need stylish window shading for your home, Rollac has a wide variety of awnings to meet any customer's needs. Now that you have a general idea as to how much your awning project will cost, it is time to get started picking out exactly what you want. To do so, contact us here at Rollac by calling toll-free at 888-276-5522 or filling out an information request form online at