Trends in Automatic Retractable Awnings

Trends in Automatic Retractable Awnings

Despite the current cooler temperatures of today, in just a few months patio season will be in full swing. We will be enjoying those legendary humid, sun-filled Texas summer afternoons and soon everyone will be looking for some shade. That’s why now’s the time to start considering your options. Do you need to create some sort of artificial shade? Then the answer is simple-an automatic awning. But before you get out there and choose just any awning, take a chance to review some the current trends in outdoor shade.

Terracotta Colors

Reflecting the colors of natural stone, the sunset and the sunrise are popular terracotta hues. From warm desert oranges or earthy beiges, to varying shades of yellow, the terracotta group of colors is a natural choice that compliments the native Texas landscape. Whether you choose your automatic awning in a solid terracotta shade or in a pattern, at Rollac we can help you with your selection to make maximum the use of your outdoor space.

The Blues

Indigo, Mediterranean, royal, baby or navy, it doesn’t matter because any and all blues are popular choices for automatic awnings this season. Whether you choose a solid or patterned covering, the range of blues available this year are designed to provide a soothing and calming looking to your patio, reminiscent of the sky and ocean.

Sea Green

Not far from the blues on the color spectrum, is the range of greens especially sea green which are expected to be trendy this patio season. When fully extended your automatic awning for your patio will provide a calming feeling. Regardless if you choose the popular sea green or any other hue within that color family, it will tie in nicely with the color of your lawn, plants, shrubs and trees.


Just as you’ve seen on the walls of many of the newest homes and the renovated ones, the color grey is slowly making its way outside. Industry experts agree this season grey will again be one of the most popular colors choices for automatic awnings. Described as reflecting a gentle cloudy day to a stormy night, from light to dark the variations of grey being offered are wide ranging. Customers also have the choice of choosing between solid or patterned greys for their automatic awnings. Many industry insiders recommend choosing a soothing a lighter grey color as opposed to a dark one which could be too severe or depressing for outdoor use.


We know what you’re thinking when you read the word ‘metallic’ you imagine flashy and brash colors. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. This season’s metallic colors are more modern such as gunmetal grey or the stainless steel that we see so much of in the kitchen. The metallic hued automatic awnings are subtle in color and provide a very contemporary look to your outdoor living space.

Pick a color

Regardless of the color or pattern you choose for your automatic awning, the fact that you’re installing on will be a welcome update to your outdoor space. You will be adding some much needed shade to your patio and extending your living area beyond the walls of your home.