plantation shutters

Cost of Plantation Shutters

For any homeowner, it is only natural they want their home to look as beautiful as possible. To make this happen, many people pay particular attention to their window treatments. Since a home is expected to exude beauty, warmth, and charm, homeowners have in the past relied on plantation shutters to add this and much more to their property. Giving a classic look that will get the attention of neighbors, plantation shutters have been popular for decades. However, with numerous changes taking place in the home improvement industry, rolling shutters may in fact be a better alternative.

Plantation Shutter Costs

When discussing the cost of plantation shutters, a variety of factors come into play. Some of the most common include the type of material used in their construction, how many windows on which they will be installed, size of windows, and other related factors. Generally, most people prefer shutters made of vinyl that have a wood-like appearance. While they are easy to clean and generally do not warp, they can be prone to fading in areas with very warm temperatures and abundant sunlight. As for the cost of plantation shutters per window, this can vary from $55 for small windows up to $363 for larger windows.

Are Plantation Shutters Worth the Cost?

Though offering varying amounts of energy savings and beauty to a home, the cost of customer plantation shutters can be a deterrent. On average, it can cost 10-20 times more to install plantation shutters than ordinary windows, making them affordable only for well-to-do homeowners. In situations where homes have odd window sizes, plantation shutters cost even more, which often occurs with bay windows.

Rolling Shutters and Security

While plantation shutters offer a nice look for a home, they do little to keep a home safe and secure. Thus, rolling shutters are often a much better alternative. While the cost of plantation shutters for bay windows can be quite high, rolling shutters can be customized for a property at a fraction of the price. Along with this, rolling shutters can come in a variety of colors, and are made to be much stronger than plantation shutters. Because of this, they can keep a home much safer from the threat of break-ins, and can be equipped with a lift prevention system. As a result, once the shutter is rolled down and locked into place, a person on the outside cannot lift it up or pry it open with an object.

Light Control and Ventilation

While plantation shutters for sliding glass doors will certainly afford some level of light control and ventilation, they rarely perform as well as rolling shutters. Designed with a state-of-the-art foam core, rolling shutters installed on the outside of a home's windows not only block a large percentage of solar heat, but also regulate the heat so that the inside of a home does not get too hot and uncomfortable. Finally, to ensure comfort levels are suitable for everyone, the shutters come with light slits that allow for greater control of light as well as ventilation.

Noise Reduction

When thinking about the cost of plantation shutters for sliding glass doors, many people fail to realize that while these shutters may look beautiful, they will do little if anything to help with noise reduction. However, rolling shutters are made to do just that and much more. With their foam-filled insulation system, rolling shutters not only roll up and down with barely any noise, but also act as a buffer to outside noise from those around you. Thus, whether you are located near a busy street or have a neighbor who insists on mowing his lawn while you are trying to take a nap, rolling shutters will keep your home much quieter.


Perhaps more than anything else, rolling shutters offer numerous advantages regarding the use of technology. One of these is automation, which is never an option with plantation shutters. By installing rolling shutters on your home, you can take advantage of several ways to operate your shutters. For example, if you are sitting in your favorite chair and want to open or close one or more shutters, you can simply use the remote control included with your shutters. Looking and operating like a TV remote, it is something you will never want to be without. However, for many people, the ultimate level of convenience comes when they download the myLink app to their smartphone or tablet. Once done, you will be able to control your shutters no matter where you are located. Whether on vacation or coming home from work, a simple tap on your phone will let you raise or lower your shutters.

While plantation shutters are no doubt beautiful on any home, they fail to offer many of the advantages of rolling shutters. If you would like to learn more about why rolling shutters are so popular with today's homeowners, visit or call 1-877-386-6810.