How To Spend More Time Outside In 2022

How To Spend More Time Outside In 2022 Rollac Branded Graphic With An Image Of A Woman Reading A Book Outside

While most people have resolved to lose weight, exercise, or find a new job in 2022, one of your most important goals is to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. While this can include visiting local parks in your area or perhaps spending your lunch break eating at an outdoor cafe, there are lots of ways you can spend more time outside in 2022 from your own home. If you’re determined to do so, our Rollac relaxation experts are here to offer a few suggestions.

Install a Retractable Awning

When you want some great shade in your outdoor living space, installing a retractable awning will be a perfect choice. Our Rollac retractable awnings come in many styles, colors, and sizes, making them perfect for any type of home. Easy to use thanks to remote control technology, you can retract your awning by simply using an app on your smartphone, ensuring you’ll never need to leave the comfort of your chair. As an added bonus, a retractable awning will let you be outside on a rainy day, and will also let you enjoy the hottest of summer days. In fact, our Rollac retractable awnings can cool a patio or deck temperature by up to 20 degrees.

Consider a Camargue

For the ultimate way to spend more time outside in 2022, we suggest you consider a Camargue from us here at Rollac. Turning your deck or patio into an instant extension of your home’s interior, a Camargue can provide you with luxury year-round. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or even a mild winter day, your Camargue can give you a paradise that’s all yours. Like an awning, a Camargue can dramatically lower the temperature on your deck or patio, while also protecting you from UV rays that can harm furniture and other outside items.

Read that Best-Seller Outside

If you love to read the latest best-sellers, that doesn’t mean you always have to do this inside. In fact, reading outside on a beautiful day can make the experience even better. Whether you enjoy a good mystery novel or perhaps books that fill you with inspiration, reading a good book underneath a retractable awning or Camargue will give you patio shade at its finest.

ZipShades Make Outdoor Entertaining Easy

One great way to spend more time outside in 2022 is to plan a few more get-togethers with friends and family. Since you’ll want to make sure you and your guests are protected from the sun, wind gusts, flying insects, and other things, it makes sense to install sunshades around your outdoor area. Tough enough to stay firm even when high wind gusts come along, Rollac’s ZipShades can keep you cool while keeping mosquitoes and flies away from your party. Equipped with collision technology, our ZipShades will be safe to use around pets and small children, since the ZipShades automatically stop when they sense a pending collision with another object.

Get into Gardening

If you’d like to add some color and flair to your backyard area, try getting into gardening. This can include creating some colorful flower beds, planting a tree or bush here and there, or even trying your hand at having an herb garden on your patio. Whichever of these you choose, you’ll spend more time outside while also making your home and yard look fantastic.
From ZipShades and retractable awnings to a Camargue and more, our team here at Rollac is always at the ready when it comes to helping you enjoy the outdoors at home. To find out more about our various products, feel free to contact us today.