Accordion Shutters

Maintaining Accordion Shutters

As this year’s hurricane season quickly approaches you’re feeling confident. Beyond the necessary supplies and planned evacuation route, this season you’ve finally installed accordion security shutters. They seem easy enough to use. In the event of a storm or if you’ll be away from your home, all you need to do is pull the two sides together, snap them into place and then lock them. That seems easy enough. But do you know how to maintain them? If you fail to take care of your accordion shutters they may not work when you need them. Now’s the time to learn!

Keep them on track

Accordion security shutters are very popular because they’re easy to use. To secure them all you have to do is roll them across a track and then lock them. It’s important to keep the tracks of the shutters clean aby washing them regularly. As you do this, take a look at the dirt and debris including insects that may cause problems when trying to close your shutters.

Wash and wipe

Wash the tracks of your accordion shutters using a soft brush, soap and warm water. Do this at least twice a year. Make sure to clean the slats and the hinges connecting them as well. It’s important to clean your accordion shutters both in the open and closed position. That way you’ll get all of the dirt and debris that may be trapped. Remember not to a hard bristle brush or abrasive cleaners. Both of these items could damage your shutters.

Let it slide

Apply a transparent silicone lubricant to clean and grease the tracks of your accordion security shutter. This type of lubricating product is available at most hardware stores. It’s important not to buy a lubricant with oil. Dirt, debris, and sea salt will build up faster on the tracks with this type of product. Don’t forget to grease the thumbscrews at the beginning and end of each hurricane season. This will guarantee that you’ll be able to remove the shutters locking pins and pull them along their tracks without any problem.

Open and shut

Even if you don’t use your accordion security shutters during hurricane season, make sure to open and shut them at least once a month. While doing this keep your eye out on the tracks for any debris or movable parts that may be come undone. Inspect your accordion shutters mounting fasteners to ensure that they are not broken. Moving them back and forth will keep your tracks clear and moving smoothly.

Window protection

If you don’t maintain your accordion security shutters including cleaning, inspecting, and repairing them, you’ll have a harder time using them when you need to. Often homeowner’s forget their shutters are even there, until they need to use them during a hurricane or before heading leaving their home for an extended period. Relying on your accordion security shutters to work at a moment’s notice without verifying their condition prior poses a real danger. Maintenance is important!